Photonics West 2020 – Overview

February 12, 2020

Photonics West 2020 is over!


Thank You for visiting us and for deep conversations about optical coatings, laser crystals, non-linear crystals, dielectric optics, metal optics and other laser components.

We are thankful for our client and co-exhibitor QS Lasers for pleasant company during the show!

Showcase and location

3photon  booth was located in transition hall D and thanks to new layout we were visited by unexpected amount of attendees from universities, institutes and industrial companies.  During Photonics West exhibition 3photon presented pockel cells, high LIDT LBO crystals, optics and components for temperature control.  Our optics showcase was full of laser crystals, such as  Cr:ZnSe, Nd;YAG, Alexandrite,  non-linear crystals AgGaSe2 (AGSe)AgGaS2 (AGS),  BBO,  and laser optics  ultra-resistant Silver mirrors, variable reflection mirrors, dichroic mirrors (output couplers) and other products, such as lenses and windows heaters.


Interest in key products

One of our key products high LIDT Lithium Triborate coated with multi-layer anti-reflective dielectric coating attracted a lot of attention. Special coating design allows us to produce very resistant coatings on LBO crystals.

Another product – mono-crystalline Chromium doped Zinc Selenide (Cr:ZnSe) We can supply this crystal in various quantities, dimensions and concentrations of chromium. Our customers use this crystals to construct middle infrared lasers and other optical devices.

For some of our visitors we have also presented custom Pockels cells. These cells are plug-and-play and extremely efficient! Our expertise in coatings on sensitive crystals allowed us to replace protective windows with protective anti-reflective coatings which drastically reduces light loss! Our clients enjoy custom sizing because they can easily use and fit the Pockels Cell where they desire.


Other activities

However, show wasn’t limited to exhibition, 3photon representatives  attended other activities organised by SPIE and EPIC.

As always, during welcome reception 3photon representatives met exhibitors and attendees in informal environment, this is great event to kick-off the exhibition!

Networking meetings with other EPIC members allows 3photon to always have up-to date information on market trends and meet people to share ideas and start new projects together. And, of course, EPIC CEO morning run – to stay in shape.


Our team is looking forward to meet You next year!


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