Completed SEB and Civitta program “Grow your business 10 X”

December 16, 2019

During SEB & Civitta 3 months program for SMEs “Grow your business 10 X” 3photon presented new development. Pockels Cells (optical switches) – a critical component in actively q-switched lasers.

  • We have made cells from very high LIDT optical crystals;
  • Crystal has extremely tight isolation to protect it from environment. Isolation also to protects laser electronics and the laser engineer;
  • Our engineers can manufacture cells at almost any size. Pockels cell installation is easier and faster.
  • You can clean cells using pressurized dry air . No need to disassemble whole cell to clean it!;
  • We very firmly bonded  wires directly to crystal. This is unlike the usual market solution (conductive connectors outside the volume).
  • Instead of protective windows we applied anti-reflective protective coatings to protect the crystal and reduce light loses.


Pockels Cells presentation

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