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3photon (three-photon) stands in front of optical coatings and polishing facilities by design and commerce of laser & non-linear crystals and optical components.

Both facilities are located in Vilnius, Lithuania and successfully employed to work side by side, this partnership allows to process various hardness and sensitive crystals with high laser damage threshold like LBO, BBO, DKDP, AgGaS2, Cr:ZnSe, Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF and others.

Optical coatings such as mirrors, beamsplitters or more complex like polarizers and variable reflection coatings can be deposited as well.

Highly experienced team merges technical competencies and capabilities of key stages of laser optical component production: starting from optical glass & crystal polishing moving to optical coating process employing optimal coating technology.

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3photon Ltd.
Savanoriu ave. 235
02300 Vilnius Lithuania

VAT Code: LT100011292714

Company Code: 304711526

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