CdSe – Cadmium Selenide

Transparent 0.8 – 24 µm | Optimal performance 2.5 – 16 µm

CdSe crystal (Cadmium selenide) is crystalline material, usually orientation is wurtzite (Hexagonal). Cadmium selenide crystals are used in various middle infrared (MIR) applications, most commonly CdSe is used to produce infrared optical components and in CO, CO2 or tother infrared laser systems.

3photon can also offer other infrared crystals as an alternative, such as AGSe, GaSe, ZGP and sometimes AGS can be used as well.

Over the years several crystal growing methods have been adopted to grow CdSe single crystal and poly-crystalline material. Chemical vapor transport, solid state re-crystallization, temperature gradient solution zone growing, high-pressure vertical zone melting are mostly used to achieve high quality CdSe crystal.

3photon can always give professional advice on crystal growing. After CdSe polishing  the material can be coated upon request. In house coatings are modeled and deposited by experienced coating engineers.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Low optical absorption.
  • Broadband specific transmission range: 2.5 μm to 16 μm.
  • Infrared polarization optics: IR polarizers and IR waveplates.
  • Infrared optical components such as IR beamsplitters, IR dichroic mirrors and IR windows.
  • Nanoparticles (such as nanosaws, nanotubes and nanowires).
  • Optical parametric generators (OPG).
  • Optical parametric oscillators (OPO).
  • DFM frequency converters.

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