GaSe – Gallium selenide

0.9 µm - 16 µm

Galium selenide (GaSe) is hexagonal crystal mostly used for second harmonic generation (SHG) in far infrared (FIR) wavelengths. Gallium selenide has extremely low Mohs hardness, which makes it very fragile and eliminates possibility to apply mechanical treatment or coatings. 3photon could offer GaSe crystals cut along optical axis Z with cleaved surfaces.

  • Applications
  • Features

GaSe is best suited for electronic and optical applications.

  • High power femtosecond lasers;
  • Terahertz (THz) generation;
  • Alternative solution for broadband middle infrared (MIR) electromagnetic waves generation;
  • 2nd Harmonic generation (SHG) in middle infrared (MIR), for CO, CO2, Dye lasers, etc.;
  • Up-conversion: Infrared (IR) to near infrared (NIR) range;
  • Optical-Parametric-Generation (OPG) within 3 – 16 µm.
  • GaSe is very soft material and no polishing or coatings procedure could be applied;
  • Transparency range: 900-16000 nm;
  • Can only be cut in one (001) plane only;
  • Only small Theta angle can be used due high refractive index and available orientation limits;
  • Less expensive alternative to AGS or AGSe to generate 2400 nm – 20 000 nm or THz output.

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