Laser line (narrow-band) mirrors

HR | 193 nm - 7000 nm

3photon laser line (narrowband) mirrors can be designed for specific laser types or custom wavelengths depending on your device or application.
Dense ion beam sputtering (IBS) coating, less expensive electron beam evaporation (EBE) or ion assisted deposition (IAD) can be used to apply dielectric mirror coatings. Various optimizations of angle of incidence can be done by 3photon coating engineers.


  • Substrates
  • Standard Mirrors


Substrates of 3photon standard mirrors are made of UVFS (usually Corning 7980) material. This material has perfect properties to allow 3photon engineers to polish it smoothly to 10-5 Scratch-Dig. Also, good transmitted and reflected wave-front distortion (flatness (Peak-Valley)) values can be reached <λ/10 @ 632.8 nm.

For non-standard applications we can also polish and provide other materials such as N-BK7, germanium, calcium fluoride and others.

Shape and curvature (ROC)

Standard 3photon laser line mirrors are round either Ø25.4 mm or Ø12.7 mm in diameter and 6 mm or 3 mm thickness. However, complex figures like cylindrical convex or concave, aspherical are what we do every day. 3photon engineers are experienced to work with various sizes from micro-optics <2 mm to large optics of >400 mm in diameter.

Angle of incidence

Laser line mirror (narrow band mirror) coating can also be designed to work on different angles if necessary. 3photon standard laser line mirror is designed to perform at normal incidence angle (0°), however experienced 3photon engineers are ready to design output couplers to work in other angles, like 22.5°, 45°, 56° or broad angle diapason 0-22°; 0-45°.


Depending on laser medium and cavity structure the reflection values may vary. 3photon can offer:

  • Standard reflection of >99.8 % at 0° angle of incidence, using electron beam evaporation (EBE) or ion assisted deposition (IAD) technologies.
  • High reflection >99.99.. % employing ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology.

Eximer laser line mirrors: ArF  (193 nm), KrCl (222 nm), KrF  (248 nm), XeBr (282 nm),  XeCl (308 nm), XeF (351 nm);

Mirrors for spectroscopy (220-380 nm);

Argon Ion (Ar-Ion) laser line mirrors (351 nm, 364 nm, 455 nm, 458 nm, 466 nm, 477 nm, 488 nm, 497 nm, 502 nm, 515 nm, 529 nm, 1092 nm);

Kr-Ion laser mirrors (407 nm, 413 nm, 415 nm, 468 nm, 476 nm, 483 nm, 521 nm, 531 nm, 568 nm, 647 nm, and 676 nm);

Helium-cadmium (HeCd) laser line mirrors (325 nm, 442 nm);

Copper vapor laser (CVL) line mirrors (511 nm, 578 nm);

Ruby laser line mirrors (694 nm and harmonics 347 nm, 231 nm);

Ti:Sapphire laser line mirrors (800 nm and harmonics 400, 267, 200 nm)

Nd:YAG Laser line mirrors (1064 nm and  harmonics 532, 355, 266 nm);

Yb:KGW laser line mirrors (1030 nm and harmonics 515, 343, 258 nm);


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