AGSe – silver selenogallate

1.1 μm - 18 μm

AGSe – Silver Selenogallate (AgGaSe2 and sometimes known as silver gallium selenide) is widely applied in middle infrared (MIR), infrared (IR) and far infrared (FIR) light applications and it is one of the best crystals for tree-wave interactions. Large non-linear optical (NLO) coefficient allows AGSe be one of the most used infrared crystals for non-linear optics (NLO) applications.

When comparing to AGS, Silver Selenogallate (AGSe) stands out with lower absorption coefficient in infrared and lower melting point.

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Efficient 2nd harmonic generation (SHG) in CO (5-6 μm) and CO2 (10.6μm) lasers systems;
  • Optical parametric oscillator (OPO) pumped by Ho:YLF (2050 nm) with tunable output from 2.5 to 12 μm;
  • Different frequency generator to middle infrared and far regions up to its IR cut-off wavelength at approximately 18 µm;
  • As an alternative to ZGP crystal in OPA 2.09 μm -> 3-5 μm;
  • In 2nd stage (after OPO pumped at 800 nm) in order to generate longer wavelengths 7-20 μm.
  • Widest transparency range of 3photon IR crystals from 1100 nm to 18 μm;
  • Large Non-Linear-Optical (NLO) coefficient (deff = ~27-33 pm/V);
  • Wide spectral and angular acceptances;
  • Expensive due to complicated growing process;
  • Non-linearity approximately 2-3 times larger in comparison to AGS;
  • High damage threshold coating available for middle infrared (MIR) and infrared (IR) ranges.

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