Photonics online meetings #2

November 23, 2020

Photonics online meetings is online exhibition, organized by French federation of Photonics.

3photon will promote optical components during this virtual show. Special attention is given to infrared solutions and infrared crystals.

After successful 1st edition with 165 participants, the organizers expect at least 250 visitors in Photonics Online Meetings #2.

Visitors can attend numerous of videoconferences, demonstrations and interactive meetings !

Besides all that, visitors are able to request a meeting with photonics companies (optics, crystals, lasers, sensors manufacturers), research institutions (universities and institutes) and photonics associations.

To arrange a meeting with 3photon or any another company just:

1. Go here (Full list of participants)

2. Find desired company

3. Click request a meeting button.

You can meet us to discuss about nonlinear crystals (such as AGSe, AGS, LBO, etc. ), infrared laser and q-switch crystals (e.g. Cr:ZnSe, Alexandrite, etc.),  or optical components (gaussian mirrors, dichroic mirrors, output couplers, silver mirrors).

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