Fe:ZnSe – Ferrum doped zinc selenide

Absorption 2.8 μm – 4.4 μm | Emission 3.4 μm – 5.2 μm

Fe:ZnSe or Iron(Ferrum) doped Zinc Selenide (Fe2+:ZnSe)  is arguably one of the most effective crystals used to design lasers in middle (thermal) infrared. As it’s cousin Cr:ZnSe, this crystal exhibits high absorption coefficient which allows efficient pumping. That can be done in range of 2.8 – 4.4 μm, with pumping peak at ~3 μm. Some pumping suggestions bellow:

      • Pump with Cr:CdSe, Cr:ZnSe lasers
      • Flash pump using Er:YAG @ 2.94 μm, Er:YSGG @ 2.78 μm

Due to short lifetime of Fe:ZnSe material, 3photon suggest to limit pumping pulses to hundreds of nanoseconds. Ferrum zinc selenide crystal can be tuned and has very wide lasing (emission) range with a peak at approximately 4500 nm (4.5 μm).

Fe:ZnSe crystal acts as saturable absorber (passive modulator) for passive Q-switching.

3photon offers single crystal Fe:ZnSe  with or without optical coatings.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Applications in lasers
  • Growing
  • Large absorption coefficient;
  • Structure: cubic;
  • Sizes: up to 40 x 40 x 50 mm;
  • Emission range of 3.4 µm – 5.2 µm;
  • Extensive gain bandwidth > 500 nm;
  • Efficient performance at room temperature;
  • Available various density number concentrations.
  • As a gain material in compact laser systems;
  • As passive Q-switch for 2800 – 3400 nm nm lasers;
  • Source for pumping middle infrared (MIR) optical parametric oscillators (OPO);
  • Spectroscopy;
  • Infrared (IR) missile countermeasure systems (ship and aircraft based);
  • Free space communications;
  • Gas tracing and analysis;
  • Chemical warfare detection;
  • Non-invasive medical diagnostics;
  • Medical surgeries;
  • Cavity ring down (CRD) spectroscopy

Being (arguably) one of the best crystals for Middle Infra-red (MIR), Fe:ZnSe crystals are usually used in:

  • Continues Wave (CW) Fe:ZnSe lasers (which can also be tunable as well as fixed)
  • Gain-Switched (pulsed) Fe:ZnSe lasers (fixed or tunable)
  • Free running Fe:ZnSe lasers

Currently most Iron doped Zinc Selenide (Fe:ZnSe) growers are using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology to grow poly-crystalline material.

3photon Fe:ZnSe growers use other technologies and which can produce single crystal.

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