Cr:YAG – Chromium doped yttrium aluminum garnet

Absorption range 900 nm – 1150 nm | Emission range 1340 nm – 1600 nm

Cr:YAG – Yttrium aluminum garnet doped with chromium, usually (Cr4+:YAG or Cr4+:Y3Al5O12)is a crystal material used as working laser gain medium in pulsed or self-mode-locked (KML) tunable near infrared (NIR) lasers of 1340-1600 nm tunability range. It is also used as an active media for continuous wave (CW) lasers.

Typically, Cr:YAG can be grown by Czochralski method. 3photon is capable of compact diffusion crystal bonding by merging together Cr:YAG and Nd:YAG or Yb:YAG or other crystals.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Excellent physical properties – UV resistant, chemically stable, good thermal conductivity and high damage threshold;
  • High optical second harmonic generation (SHG) conversion;
  • Large absorption section with peak around 1060 nm;
  • Eliminates the necessity of high voltage power supply;
  • Using Cr:YAG crystal self-mode-locking (KML) regime is achievable.
  • Passive Q-switch for lasers operating at 1 µm – Neodymium (Nd) and Ytterbium (Yb) doped YAG, YAP, YLF an YVO4;
  • Passively Q-switched lasers in:
    • Laser-Designator-Rangefinder (LDR) systems;
    • Light-Detection-And-Ranging (LIDAR) systems;
    • Laser-Induced-Breakdown-Spectroscopy (LIBS) systems.
  • Cr:YAG can also be used as a laser crystal tunable at 1340 – 1600 nm

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