Photonics West 2024

3photon will exhibit at SPIE Photonics West 2024 on 30 January-1 February 2024

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule a meeting at our booth!


Our booth number is #2041 (main hall, near Florida cluster)


You can also meet 3photon representatives at EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium Members’ Events and at special Lithuanian events (registration may require) with participation of Minister of Economy and Innovation, Aušrinė Armonaitė.


LWOP 2023

3photon representatives will be exhibiting at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, Germany on June 27 – 30.

You can check exhibitor profile HERE

Feel free to stop by at our booth (B2.351/4 ) or arrange a meeting in advance by messaging  info@3photon.com



Photonics West 2023 !

Photonics West 2023 3photon

3photon will exhibit at SPIE Photonics West 2023 on 31 January-2 February 2023

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule a meeting at our booth!


Our booth number is #2035 (main hall, near Colorado and Florida clusters)


You can also meet 3photon representatives at SPIE Members events and EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium Members’ Events

SPIE Photonics West 2023 is one of the largest events on optics, lasers and photonics technologies.

Besides Photonics West and BIOS exhibitions there will be lots of interesting activities to attend – from startup pitches to panel discussions.


Check out event highlights here.






3photon at EPIC AGM 2022

3photon is proud to participate and to be a sponsor of EPIC Annual General Meeting in Vilnius at Radisson Blu Hotel, organized by EPIC – EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM


The Event gathers representatives (mostly CEOs) form all around the Europe. Event was opened by speech of prime minister of Lithuania, Ingrida Šimonytė. Attending companies had a chance to present their business and meet new potential partners.

The first day consisted of various presentations on market, technology, manufacturing, growth, marketing, and internationalization. Official part was finished with Presentation of the EPIC CEO award.

The second day of the event was dedicated to the investments in photonics sector – vision of sector, opportunities, and several companies used their opportunity to pitch their ideas and talk with the investors. The last part of the event was dedicated to the Recruitment and finally the announcement of place of next annual general meeting – Helsinki!


We were happy to welcome our guests in our coating facility where they could see our Electron beam evaporation and Ion Beam Sputtering coating machines in operation during the tour lead by Marius Šemeta. And to get to know 3photon company better with quick overview of our new (Pockels CellsPolarizing optics) and top products (LBO, Cr:ZnSe, AGS, AGSe, … ) presented by Ernius Karolis Kapačinskas.







Meet 3photon at SPIE Photonics West 2022



We are thrilled to announce that 3photon will exhibit at SPIE Photonics West 2022 on 25-27 January.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule a meeting at our booth!


Our booth number is #1962 (main hall near sitting area)


You can also meet 3photon representatives at SPIE Members events and EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium Members’ Events

SPIE Photonics West 2022 is one of the largest events on optics, lasers and photonics technologies. Apart of conferences and Photonics West and BIOS exhibitions there will be lots of interesting activities to attend – from startup pitches to panel discussions. Check out event highlights here.








Photonics+ #2

PHOTONICS+ virtual exhibition and conference is organized by Fleet events in partnership with EPIC, You can meet 3photon representatives at Photonics+#2 on June 29th and 30th, 2021 at 13:00 – 17:00 CEST.

The innovative online event brings stakeholders in the photonics industry together with relevant user areas.

3photon participates 2nd time in this exhibition and conference, we are going to present infrared coatings, IBS coatings, Cr:ZnSe crystals, high LIDT LBO crystals, High contrast thin film polarizers, pockels cells, and other products.


It is super easy to participate:


Are You constructing infrared laser or another optical device? In just under 10 minutes, we will introduce You to several crystals and optics solutions to optimize your device! – We invite You to listen to our presentation during the conference!





Photonics online meetings #2

Photonics online meetings is online exhibition, organized by French federation of Photonics.

3photon will promote optical components during this virtual show. Special attention is given to infrared solutions and infrared crystals.

After successful 1st edition with 165 participants, the organizers expect at least 250 visitors in Photonics Online Meetings #2.

Visitors can attend numerous of videoconferences, demonstrations and interactive meetings !

Besides all that, visitors are able to request a meeting with photonics companies (optics, crystals, lasers, sensors manufacturers), research institutions (universities and institutes) and photonics associations.

To arrange a meeting with 3photon or any another company just:

1. Go here (Full list of participants)

2. Find desired company

3. Click request a meeting button.

You can meet us to discuss about nonlinear crystals (such as AGSe, AGS, LBO, etc. ), infrared laser and q-switch crystals (e.g. Cr:ZnSe, Alexandrite, etc.),  or optical components (gaussian mirrors, dichroic mirrors, output couplers, silver mirrors).


Researchers’ night 2020 at KTU

TYRĖJŲ NAKTIS 2020 (Researchers’ night) – event dedicated for young researchers throughout the whole Europe. More than 30 countries (more than 300 cities) organize this event every year.

In Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) event TYRĖJŲ NAKTIS (Researcher’s’ night) is an annual event organized by KTU SMD, usually attended by few thousand visitors (very motivated high school students, Bachelor, Master and PhD students) who are interested in becoming researchers and scientists.

Visitors attended creative and engineering workshops, observed experiments, and had opportunity to speak to exhibitors from research and technology companies.

3photon exhibited during this event with the goal to present career opportunities for Chemistry and Physics students. Students were able to observe our products showcase: Large dichroic mirrors, gold mirrors, IBS output couplers, IR coated crystals (Fe:ZnSe, CdSe,  AgGaS2) and DKDP Pockels cells.


RN 2020 KTU


Infrared coatings – case studies 2020

Infrared coatings

0.75 – 20 µm

Overview, capabilities, case studies


Infrared coatings on crystals, windows, or optical substrates at 3photon coating facility are deposited every day to produce high quality infrared optical components. IR coated components are used in spectroscopy, medical, military, astronomy applications, in such devices as lasers, thermal imaging gadgets, detectors, etc. There are three main ranges in terms of wavelength:

  • SWIR/NIR (Short wave/Near infrared): 750 nm – 3000 nm (0.75 – 3.0 µm)
  • MIR/MWIR (Medium/Mid-/Middle wave Infrared): 3.0 – 5.0 µm
  • LWIR/FIR (Long wave infrared/ Far infrared): 5.0 – 8.0 – 14.0 – 20.0 µm

Infrared coatings


3photon experienced team of quality assurance professionals can handle sensitive materials and our coating engineers and physicists can design and apply several types of infrared coatings:



Case studies – AR coatings on infrared (IR) crystals

TASK: Develop High LIDT coatings to increase efficiency of absorption and transmission bands of ZGP crystal

ZGP crystal (Zinc Germanium Phosphide) is widely used in infrared range, usually in imaging or defense applications. Very precise procedure is required to avoid contamination and produce ZGP crystals with maximal laser damage threshold. 3photon team designed and applied coatings where LIDT >2 J/cm2 @ 2.1 µm, 20 ns, 10 Hz, was not a limit.



TASK: Design complex AR coating solution on AgGaSe2 crystal for SWIR and FWIR

AGSe (AgGaSe2 or silver selenogallate) is widely used IR crystal and champion in three-wave interactions. It is used as an alternative to ZGP crystal, in infrared optical parametric oscillators (IR OPO), and harmonic generation. Our coating on AGSe crystal was designed to increase crystal’s overal performance.



Case studies – Coatings on infrared (IR) waveplates

TASK: Reduce reflection of infrared crystal surfaces in IR waveplate @ 7.0 – 9.5 μm

Infrared waveplates can be coated with anti-reflection coating to increase transmission by reducing light losses. 3photon engineers designed and deposited durable infrared coating on middle wave infrared waveplate made of infrared crystal.



TASK: Increase transmission of MgF2 IR waveplate @ 5.8-6.0 μm

Infrared waveplates made from MgF2 can also be easily AR coated to increase performance. Coating can be optimized for specific wavelength or broad range of infrared wavelengths.


Case studies – Infrared coatings on calcium fluoride

TASK: Produce broadband (BBHR) MWIR mirror for medical laser

This specific broad band infrared mirror coating is designed for low power applications. Coating was deposited with electron beam evaporation method. Due to porosity of the coating waterline can be observed around 2900 nm region, yet still, high reflection values at 2.9 μm can be achieved. To avoid waterlines, more dense coatings (e.g. Ion beam sputtering) should be used.



TASK: Filter out 1064 nm from MWIR

When very far infrared is not necessary – Calcium fluoride can be used as substrate for dichroic mirror. Our engineers designed and applied IR coating to filter out 1064 nm from middle wave infrared.



Case studies – Broadband AR coatings on Silicon (Si) and Germanium (Ge)

TASK: Increase transmission of Silicon (Si)  and Germanium (Ge) in MWIR (3000-5000 nm)

Wide-band AR coating 3000-5000 nm (3-5 μm) can be applied on Silica or Germanium windows to increase performance – decrease reflection per surface and maximizing overall transmission throughout whole element.

Anti-reflection coating on Silicon (Si) can be designed as per bellow curve:

A little bit better performance can be observed of anti-reflection coating on Germanium (Ge):


Case studies – IR coating on undoped and doped ZnSe and ZnS

TASK: Filter out 1310 nm or 785 nm from MWIR and FWIR

To filter out infrared spectra from specific wavelength, 3photon suggests infrared dichroic mirror coatings on zinc selenide (ZnSe) substrates.



TASK: Design universal dichroic coating on Fe:ZnSe and Fe:ZnS q-switch crystals to substitute IR optical components in laser cavity

3photon developed special coating design, which increases pumping efficiency. Furthermore, this coating can be applied on both Fe:ZnSe and Fe:ZnS crystals in one coating run.




TASK: Improve Cr:ZnSe crystal’s performance with anti-reflection coatings

Chromium doped Zinc Selenide (Cr:ZnSe) is used as laser crystal in MWIR lasers. 3photon IR BBAR coating on Cr:ZnSe reduces light losses on both crystal ends.




Challenge us with your task for IR coatings!



Photonics West 2020 – Overview

Photonics West 2020 is over!


Thank You for visiting us and for deep conversations about optical coatings, laser crystals, non-linear crystals, dielectric optics, metal optics and other laser components.

We are thankful for our client and co-exhibitor QS Lasers for pleasant company during the show!

Showcase and location

3photon  booth was located in transition hall D and thanks to new layout we were visited by unexpected amount of attendees from universities, institutes and industrial companies.  During Photonics West exhibition 3photon presented pockel cells, high LIDT LBO crystals, optics and components for temperature control.  Our optics showcase was full of laser crystals, such as  Cr:ZnSe, Nd;YAG, Alexandrite,  non-linear crystals AgGaSe2 (AGSe)AgGaS2 (AGS),  BBO,  and laser optics  ultra-resistant Silver mirrors, variable reflection mirrors, dichroic mirrors (output couplers) and other products, such as lenses and windows heaters.


Interest in key products

One of our key products high LIDT Lithium Triborate coated with multi-layer anti-reflective dielectric coating attracted a lot of attention. Special coating design allows us to produce very resistant coatings on LBO crystals.

Another product – mono-crystalline Chromium doped Zinc Selenide (Cr:ZnSe) We can supply this crystal in various quantities, dimensions and concentrations of chromium. Our customers use this crystals to construct middle infrared lasers and other optical devices.

For some of our visitors we have also presented custom Pockels cells. These cells are plug-and-play and extremely efficient! Our expertise in coatings on sensitive crystals allowed us to replace protective windows with protective anti-reflective coatings which drastically reduces light loss! Our clients enjoy custom sizing because they can easily use and fit the Pockels Cell where they desire.


Other activities

However, show wasn’t limited to exhibition, 3photon representatives  attended other activities organised by SPIE and EPIC.

As always, during welcome reception 3photon representatives met exhibitors and attendees in informal environment, this is great event to kick-off the exhibition!

Networking meetings with other EPIC members allows 3photon to always have up-to date information on market trends and meet people to share ideas and start new projects together. And, of course, EPIC CEO morning run – to stay in shape.


Our team is looking forward to meet You next year!


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