Aluminum mirrors

>1 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz | 190 nm - 650 nm

3photon engineers can produce multiple variations of aluminum metallic mirrors including: Protected Aluminum, Enhanced Aluminum, UV Enhanced Aluminum.

Protected aluminum and enhanced aluminum are usually used for visible light applications.

The enhanced aluminum coating can also be described as multiple thin film layers of dielectric material on the top of the aluminum coating. It is used to increase the reflection in visible light (VIS) and ultra violet (UV) spectral regions (ideally it is intended to use within 400-650 nm region) and also works as protective coating (P-coating) which is necessary if mirrors are handled frequently.

UV and DUV enhanced aluminum mirrors stand out with higher reflection in 190-400 nm range, however, they are still performing quite well in visible light (VIS) applications.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Handling and cleaning

3photon protected aluminum mirrors are

  • Extremely durable;
  • Very resistant to temperature changes;
  • Insensitive to humidity.


  • Low energy applications should be the working area in the terms of Laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) and medium or high energy applications should be avoided;
  • Aluminum metallic coatings are widely applied on optical parts of telescope. Due to optimized 3photon equipment and high competence of our professionals the aluminum metallic coatings have very good uniformity and it is possible to achieve constant spectral values even on very large substrates;
  • Variable surface mirrors (deformable mirrors).
  • For long-term use of metallic mirrors, we recommend deoxidizer to prevent oxidation of the thin film coating;
  • DO NOT USE cloth or paper. 3photon recommends to use dry air instead.

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