Dy:YLF – Dysprosium doped yttrium lithium fluoride

Absorption 1730 nm | Emission 4340 nm

Dy:YLF crystal (trivalent Dysprosium doped Yttrium-Lithium Fluoride, or Dy3+:LiYF4) acts as laser media in one of the longest wavelength solid-state lasers – Dysprosium doped Yttrium Lithium fluoride laser.

3photon offers various doping concentrations and custom dimensions. Our engineers can suggest the concentration and size depending on requested initial transmission.

In house optical coatings will decrease light losses thus increasing the performance of Dy:YLF laser crystal.



  • Pumping
  • Case study

Can be pumped with infrared source 1670-1770 nm

3photon suggest pumping with:

  • Er:YAG laser @ 1730 nm
  • Flashlamp pumping @1730 nm



Typical example of 3photon Dy:YLF crystals:

Concentration of Dy3+: 5% (at.)

Optical coatings on both (enter/exit) sides of the crystal:

S1/S2: AR @ 1.6-1.8 μm + AR @ 4.1-4.5 μm, AOI=0°


Transmission measurements (wavelength (nm) vs. transmission (%) ):





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