Crystal ovens

Gradient & uniform heating | <200oC

Crystal oven is a device (isolated box) with the purpose of controlling the temperature of crystals for a stable phase matching, protection from humidity or precise working temperatures.

Some optical crystals (e.g. Alexandrite) perform much better at an elevated and stable temperature. Ovens also help to increase lifetime of humidity sensitive crystals.

3photon can always supply supplemental thermal management to increase the performance of your device:

  • Uniform crystal ovens: keep crystals at their optimal operation temperature (T=const.)
  • Gradient crystal ovens: an innovative gradient temperature crystal oven (up to 8 heat points)
  • Advantages
  • Features
  • Uniform crystal ovens
  • Gradient crystal ovens
  • Flexible size – can be custom made to suit your system;
  • Flexible control – Manual or via computer;
  • Optional thermal insulation – to reduce external overheating of the oven body;

  • Uniform temperature (T=const.) throughout the entire crystal;
  • Tailored to particular crystal sizes;
  • Simple crystal mounting;
  • Embedded or external temperature controller.
  • Controlled temperature gradient throughout the entire crystal (up to 8 separate zones);
  • Significant improvements to laser crystal performance and longevity;
  • Improved laser power output (up to 70%) at an equal energy cost;
  • Embedded temperature controller.

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